2020 has arrived!

So here it is, a new year, a new decade. I remember being a teenager and thinking about what life would be like for me in 2020 - it’s not as futuristic as I imagined!

This past year has been positive and proactive for me on a personal and professional level with just a few bumps in the road. I have learned so much about myself and come to terms with situations and circumstances which had been holding me back. I have allowed myself to forgive, to be more reflective on my own actions and reactions and have taken responsibility for that which I am accountable for.

I hope that through 2020, I will allow myself to follow my intuition, believe in myself more and continue to develop and stretch myself to learn and experience new things.

I will be wholeheartedly throwing myself into my new venture ‘Listening Touch Therapies’ which brings with it personal challenges such as overcoming anxiety, financial restraints and managing my health.

Intentions for 2020

I rarely set New Year resolutions but this year I have decided to note down some intentions. Firstly, after many years carrying more weight than I am comfortable with, I am going to do something about it. My past denial comes from believing that everyone, regardless of size or shape should feel comfortable with doing whatever they want. If you feel healthy, look healthy and are happy with your shape, no one should tell you otherwise. I do still believe this, but I have also learned to be honest with myself and I now admit that being uncomfortable both physically and emotionally about my size has been holding me back for a while. I avoid social situations; I avoid taking on new physical challenges and hide my body away as much as possible. This realisation came when I was looking for a full-length photo of myself and other than at family weddings, including my own, I could only find a couple. The face alone can lie!

1. With no specific target of weight measurement in any form, I intend to make the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle which will allow me to feel better, look healthy and hopefully more confident.

2. Working alongside this, I intend on practising more yoga and stretching myself to take on new challenges. This is not only great for me physically but also mentally and spiritually.

3. To aid my physical and mental health I intend to buy a new bike. Something I will need to save for but also something I know I will use. Many years back, I used to cycle to work, before children, laptop and massage dolls! The early morning sunrise and fresh air was amazing and really set me up for the day and I look forward to experiencing this again.

4. Lastly, but vital is to continue to grow and develop Listening Touch Therapies and create a long-term vision. I have signed up to complete the Wellbeing Business Course with Helen Pinnock and can’t wait to get started.

Planning my intentions as also made me think about a bucket list. No one wants to think about not being around anymore but let’s face it, we are all on borrowed time and should be making the most of each day. To kick off my bucket list I have noted down a few things which will form part of my intentions.

Bucket List

  • To freshwater swim under a waterfall

  • To visit spiritual temples in Asia

  • To go on a cruise across northern Europe and beyond

  • To go on a yoga retreat

  • To learn to horse ride

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