Baby massage A-Z (V-Z)

V is for variation

During the baby massage class, you will notice what your baby likes, dislikes and prefers. We cover a wide range of different massage strokes and cover the whole body, over the course. Naturally, as we have preferences, so will your baby. By offering a wide variation of techniques, your baby will have full access to the possibilities. Tuning into their cues will show you which they prefer. For example, one baby on a recent class literally looked like she was in full bliss when having her face massaged. She cooed, smiled and closed her eyes. It was so lovely to see. If your baby cries, wriggles or shows any sign of distress this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like that part of the treatment. It may be a new experience, a new sensation and something which they will grow to like. It is important therefore to continue to offer a varied massage using different strokes and techniques as their preferences will change over time. If you feel your baby really doesn’t like something, just stop and try again another day.

W is for Workshop

Listening Touch Therapies provides workshops in small groups. I believe that quality should be a priority. Therefore, my classes may cost slightly more than average, however the value they bring to you and your baby is priceless. Check out my reviews on my website.

Small groups mean more 1-1 time, more opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback, more time for you to relax and unwind and more time to socialise with others. I provide everything you will need for the workshop and to carry on at home with free on-going support if you need it. I also provide a goodie bag at the end of the course filled with love and exciting freebies for you and baby.

X is for How many times?

It is recommended that you practice baby massage one a day if possible. This can be just 5-10 minutes and not a full session as taught in class. Little and often is better than not at all. When you do this, is completely up to you and baby but the best time is usually just after waking or at a time when they are fed, clean and settled.

Y is for you!

Baby massage is not just about baby or the massage! It is about you having an uninterrupted hour to relax, be spoilt with refreshments and enjoy the calming environment. Life is so busy; it is important to take this time as an opportunity to sit quietly and reflect. There is no rushing about in my classes, we start when we are ready and there is always time at the end for a cuppa and a chat.


One of the benefits of baby massage is that it can induce quality sleep. Because the process releases natural endorphins, babies are pain free, with a settled tummy and calm. Some babies will sleep for ours after a session and still sleep well at night. The benefits do not stop when the massage stops but will continue to work for 24-48 hours.

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