What is Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation?

Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, Oxfordshire has been started by Lisa Constable under the umbrella of Listening Touch Therapies, after almost a quarter of a century working with children, and through additional training as a Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation Instructor, with the founder of Rainbow Kids, Guiliana Wheater. This course is accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

Whilst researching appropriate training that would enable delivery of a club with a holistic approach, Rainbow Kids was discovered. After meeting Giuliana at her beautiful cabin in Porlock, Somerset Lisa realised there was no need to reinvent the wheel as Rainbow Kids provided children with almost everything she believed in and would therefor form a strong foundation from which to begin.

Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, Oxfordshire is currently an after-school and holiday club for children aged 5-11 years. It is a blend of sensory meditations, mindfulness, children’s yoga, over clothes massage through guided stories and journeys, breath work, affirmation games, music and expression, discussion and creativity. Everything is experienced through active participation and ripens into child-led fun and creativity, whilst they discover how to NURSE their emotions.

  • Name the feelings and emotions we experience ourselves and witness in others around us 

  • Understand the differences between the variety of feelings and emotions and the affect they have on your body and mind

  • Recognise when these symptoms and emotions appear in yourself and how you currently react 

  • Stop yourself when you see this happening again (if appropriate) and make a positive choice of reaction 

  • Evolve and manage your feelings and emotions in a way which is positive for you


We learn about, and explore the world around us, our natural environment and other cultures, encouraging broader minds, empathy and understanding which is then taken back into the home environment and the classroom.


The activities shared and experienced in Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, are scientifically proven to boost focus, attention, memory, productivity, significantly better sleep,  motivation, expression, communication, creativity, imagination, social skills/intelligence, problem-solving, immunity, personal awareness, inter-personal awareness, self-regulation , self-management , emotional intelligence, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, confidence, as well as a far greater resilience to stress and peer pressure as each child progresses within this unique blend of specially selected experiences which support and enhance learning at every level.

Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal? At Rainbow Kids, Oxfordshire, everyone grows to their full potential and everyone is welcome and included. All activities are fully inclusive and adaptable to suit each unique child and their abilities.

Therapeutic touch boosts not just our immunity but floods us with Serotonin the “happy hormone”, Dopamine the “pleasure hormone” (which has proven links to the higher/executive brain functions) as well as Oxytocin, the hormone of wellbeing and nurture, a huge antidote to stress and anxiety. Melatonin, which regulates sleep patterns and mood, is gently stimulated as well as endorphins. All the therapeutic activities are shared in a safe, creative, inclusive and “held” space.

(Guiliana Wheater, founder of Rainbow Kids. 



  • Sessions will run in accordance with government guideline to ensure covid regulation compliancy 

  • Lisa Constable completes two covid tests weekly

  • To minimise group mixing a whole workshop must be booked in advance, online

  • Social distancing measures will be in place and each child will have their own yoga mat and space to work 

  • Antibacterial gel, wipes and spray will be available and used to minimise risk of cross contamination 

  • If your child is unwell with covid symptoms you must not attend

  • Groups are not split by age or ability as everything we do is adapted to meet the needs of each unique child.

  • Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, Oxfordshire is also fully portable and can come to your school, preschool/nursery, academy.