Why train with me?

As an award winning, experienced early years trainer, qualified baby massage instructor and parent to three,  I am delighted to share my first 'complete in your own time' courses with you.


'Nurture baby through the power of a Listening Touch' is a full skin to skin contact and baby massage VIP masterclass for those who want the in-depth version. A Listening Touch is about really tuning in to your baby's emotions and cues and responding is a positive nurturing way to soothe and connect. This flexible, educational accredited course is for you to compete at home, in your own time. 

'Baby massage routines for beginners' is for those who want to learn the basic to start a routine at home. 

Both of these educational, learning courses are aimed at busy people like you - expecting, new and current parents and early years educators.

Why are these courses for you?

You will feel empowered to support your baby through the power of a Listening Touch

You will feel confident that you are giving baby the best start in life


If you complete the masterclass, you will be knowledgeable around the biology and science behind nurturing with a Listening Touch

You will be growing the bond between you an baby for a lifetime of love 

You will be giving baby an amazing experience, filled with love and connection.

If you complete the masterclass, you will understand and experience the many benefits of skin to skin contact and baby massage 

You will learn at your own pace with a flexible online course 

You will have direct access to a private Facebook group especially for learners 

You will learn from an award winning early years specialist with 25 years experience working with parents and early years educators

You will be able to help baby through the symptoms of teething 

You will be able to support baby through symptoms of colic, reflux and trapped wind

Lots of bonus extras on each course, including: 

Top 5 tips on sleep from the Gentle Sleep Genie (Masterclass only)

Baby massage routines for coughs and colds 

Wraps and swaddling 

Holding positions 

Included in your 'Nurture baby through the power of a Listening Touch' the masterclass includes:

  • You will have lifetime access to all resources including any updates

  • One FREE 1-1 baby massage session via zoom with me

  • You will experience no less than 10 baby massage routines worth £250

  • You will have no less than 10 baby massage routine handouts worth £100

  • You will explore baby's brain development and how you can support this. Worth £100

  • You will explore the benefits of baby massage and skin to skin contact covering all parts of the busy and brain as well as the benefits for you. Worth £100

  • You have access to a bonus video on top tips for sleeping baby from The Gentle Sleep Genie worth £100.

  • Plus - a free gift bag of goodies sent straight to your door.  

  • You will have access to up to date information and advice on; 

                          Swaddling - how and why

                          Holding positions - to settle and soothe

                          Colic & reflux - what is it and how can you                           help

                          Wraps and slings - the benefits

Total value of the masterclass 'Nurture baby through the power of a Listening Touch' exceeds £650 and can be yours today, for the introductory prices of just £75


The baby massage routines for beginners includes:

No less than 10 separate baby massage videos showing you and explaining the routines.  

Lifetime access

No less than 10 PDF handouts of each routine to have at hand. Plus bonus content which includes: 

Baby massage routine to alleviate symptoms of Colic 

Baby massage routines to alleviate symptoms of teething 

Baby massage routines to alleviate symptoms of coughs and colds 

Information on slings and wraps

£55 for the beginners package.

Convinced? Want more information? Check out full course details and contents below.